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  • Wincomn Designs Night Tour for Maren Qifeng Scenic Spot
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    Maren Qifeng scenic spot is located in Fanchang County, Wuhu City. In order to further stimulate the potential of cultural and tourism consumption, Maren Qifeng develops the night cultural tourism economy, and combines with the local reality of Wuhu to create a night cultural tourism consumption brand. In August this year, the scenic spot has officially opened a night tour project with the theme of "Forest Wonderful Night", which brings unique forest high altitude immersion night tour experience to the majority of tourists. Wincomn has planned the overall plan of night tour for the scenic spot.



    Wincomn`s Design Meets the Needs of The Scenic Spot 

    Maren Qifeng scenic area is a national 4A level scenic spot with rich natural scenery resources and profound Buddhist culture. Therefore, it has more stringent standards and higher creative requirements when choosing the design project. After many comparisons, Wincomn`design project was selected by the scenic spot because it was more meets the design concept of the scenic spot, and had the advantages of storytelling, innovation, and fast implementation.


    After many on-the-spot investigation of Maren Qifeng scenic spot, the design team concluded that the scenic spot has unique natural scenery conditions and profound cultural and historical resources, as well as amazing glass series of popular amusement facilities and a well-established villa tourism complex.However, the single scenic spot lacks theme, the integration of historical culture and scenic spot is not strong, tourists lack the sense of integration of the environment, and the night resources are not fully utilized.


    Therefore, Wincomn Design team has planned 3 core focus points for the scenic spot, refined 7 visual presentation routes, and designed 2 immersion experience areas. On the basis of retaining the features of secluded, dangerous, beautiful and strange, and enlarging the characteristics of the scenic spot, which is natural, wild and mysterious, a night tour scheme with the theme of "Ancient Secret Land" is created.

    Not only that, Wincomn has also planned the theme of each scenic spot, integrating the local stories, legends and historical and cultural background. While strengthening the memory point of the scenic spot, it makes the night tour route more integrated and story oriented, which ensures the freshness and sense of substitution of tourists.

    After overcoming the difficulties such as complex natural environment, narrow construction environment and machine setting point requirements, Wincomn provided detailed projection design scheme and projection source story outline for cliff projection show and mountain projection show, and produced 3D films for two vertical space deduction of the scenic spot.



    Two Routes to Meet the Needs of Different Groups of People

    In order to meet the entertainment needs of a wider range of customers, the design team split two tour routes.The first tour route is specially designed for young people who like exciting and novelty seeking projects.The second tour route is designed for family type people, suitable for all ages.









    The End

    Winomcn's customized night tour design for Maren Qifeng scenic spot makes full use of the unique geographical environment and cultural characteristics of the scenic spot, skillfully integrates the exciting amusement facilities with ancient culture, blessing culture and Buddhist culture into the night tour, and by means of new technology, tourists can be immersed in the multi-dimensional space of night leisure experience scene.At the same time, it broadens the operation time of the scenic spot, promotes the night economic effect, and speeds up the upgrading of tourism products and the diversified development of tourism formats.

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